Zone System downloads

Here you will be able to access the various extras that were produced for Ron Wodaski's book "The New Astro™ Zone System for Astro Imaging".

The book is technically out of print. However, I donated all remaining copies to the Tzec Maun Foundation, which sells the book online at Amazon at a reduced price. No DVD is provided at this reduced price.

The core content from the original DVD is available as 4 large Zip archives. Note that videos were encoded with Flash a long time ago; they will typically not work on many modern machines with newer versions of Flash. For information on how to obtain an older archived version of flash, see below.

Getting an older version of Flash

For some years now, the Flash files for my Zone System book have not played properly because newer versions of Flash don't support them.

Periodically, I have tried to fine ways to make those files playable again. So far, the only answer has been "find an older computer with an old version of Flash." Not ideal.

Today was one of those attempts. And I found something that will work, although it probably needs some testing with different versions of Internet Explorer.

Adobe does provide older versions of Flash for download. However, the oldest version with a stand-alone player was Flash 9; the last version that supported my tutorial videos was flash 8.

I have a virtual windows machine on my Mac running Windows XP, service pack 3. I tried downloading every flash version from 4 through 8. With versions 4 through 7, the installer wants you to identify your Netscape-compatible browser, a concept that is completely out of date. I was able to install some of the activeX components, but it was the Flash 8 ActiveX component that actually worked OK, with IE 8.

I was able to install Flash 8, open the .swf files (the videos), and play them to the end. I tested a sample of files, including some known to fail in newer versions of Flash. They played fine.

You can find older versions of Flash here, in case you'd like to do your own experimenting on your version of Windows:

The download for Flash 8 can be found on the page linked above, in the "Older Archives" section. Here is a direct download link.

So far I've been talking only about Windows. All of these Flash versions are supported on the Mac, but most of them are only supported on Power PC or earlier, so it's not as easy to install an older Mac Flash player, since Intel Macs don't support older programs. You would need an older Mac on hand to install these versions of Flash. That is why I was testing today in a virtual machine; I needed Windows.

Depending on what version of WIndows you have, and on which browser you are using, you may need to install a different release of the Player. If you decide to try any of this, please post your results in the ccd-newastro Yahoo group, so we can all learn what combinations work and which ones don't.

Important note: you may get an error if you try to load the .html file for each tutorial. I suggest instead that you load the .sfw files directly into the browser (drag and drop works great). That worked well for me in my tests.